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electronics!!!! electronics!!!!

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Technically fine

Ok, I will be honest. I didn't feel anything when I listened to it.
You did a great job with your software but you did too much technical maybe. It's like a violin student in his first year who performs a song. He performs it well enough technically speaking but he can't yet bring any feeling into it.
Music is like emotion. It must be profund, deep, powerful.
So technically speaking your work is just fine. But it reminds me when I began to compose loops. I wasn't composing musics, I was trying to master the software. And I think you are trying to master the software too.
But it's important to be able to know the software, it's the basis. Once you know how it works you can then try to bring feelings into it.

Try to use different sort of loops, instead of using the same parts again and again. For me your song looks like a battle of samples/loops with zero building plan. Your hihats and your synth are sometime out of tempo and you must avoid this! Then come your kicks; the sound of the kick could be a bit more punchy I think but sounds fine.

This is not a bad review. I just make you aware of some important things. Take your time to build your song with real distinctive part. Like something which changes everything and something which is the same thing everyting.
Or if you want to work with progressive music, try to begin from a loop and to add more and more loops. But the whole must be full of emotions.

Now you know a little bit more how to use your software try to compose with your heart and not with your brain. I'm sure you can do it. I did, it tooks me 5 years to build my own style so you can do it.

Stay tuned.
Mister M.

kazmaru31 responds:

this is the best review ive ever gotten ty

Battle Begins Battle Begins

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Excellente soundtrack!

I really like the harp and the piano, their sound a little bit blur (and clear) so it sounds really soft.
The drums & the rythm are really excellent too.
But the sound of the trumpet is too heavy for me and breaks the beginning of the soft ambiance you induce. I don't like is sound.

I think this track could find its perfect place for any strategic game. Maybe in the loading time. Maybe in the menu or even in a small cinematic.
I don't think it could work for a 8bit like flash game. It sounds too profund, I mean this music deserves to take part in a great game. A strategic or even a (MMO)RPG game. I'm sure this could work really fine.

You should continue it, and if you lost your original, try to loop the sequences you got in your song. If you want to keep the trumpets you should maybe put them an octave lower, and add more blur to it. For the moment it sounds too high and agressive compared to the rest.
And if you want to play short notes with your trumpets try to use staccato instead. Keep your already patch for longer notes. I don't know if you see what I mean but I hope.

A bientot pour une nouvelle critique!
Mister M

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Matija27 responds:

This was actually done with loops which came with the software (think it was called Magix). I've made it because I was really really bored and it probably won't be finished. Maybe I will make another version from scratch, without loops, but chances are slim. I'm glad you liked it and I have to agree with you about the trumpets, they don't fit very well. Thanks for the great review and sorry that my response is not as great :P :)

Super Mario Castle Super Mario Castle

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

De toute beauté!

Dude, I love your track. It's clearly simple, yes, but it works supa-fine!
I used this FL Keys piano for years and I recognized it as soon as the music began. If you want to work on the piano sound I suggest you to gently take the control of the piano velocity. Because velocity for piano is like breathing for humans. It's C-A-P-I-T-A-L!
I must said I'm really enjoying this track because of the whole chord and atmosphere it brings. The arpegiattor and chord you choosed are completely great (I hope you choosed one arpegiattor, if you composed the piano part note by note then you are crazier than I though^^) . It's hard to choose one which works as great as yours.

Don't blame me but I didn't play Mario at all when I was young. So I can't say it reminds me of something I've ever heard. It's a new sound for me and I like it the way it is =)

By the way I heard your song in a gameplay video of a game I can't tell and that's why I came to you to write you this review and to share your track.

A bientôt!
Mister M

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MikeTaylor responds:

Thanks man! Yeah, I actually did compose the piano part note for note..Haha. This song allowed me to learn a lot about FL Studio, and I'd like to do another cover of it someday now that I'm a little better. Glad you liked it!

What gameplay video if I might ask? I don't know of anyone using this song..