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New album "Little Big Adventure" available on Jamendo!

2011-07-27 07:51:28 by morpheghost

Hi everyone!
I've finally compiled every electro-dark-gothic I composed from the past 2 years into a new album called "Little Big Adventure".
If you're into video game since you're young you maybe recognize the title I used for my album. It was the name of a very old and famous video game on PC. I used to play on LBA2 with my Ciryx 166Mhz xD

Ok so here it is, on Jamendo. Check this out and tell me what you think about it :)

L.B.A. by Mister M on Jamendo

Mister M

New album  "Little Big Adventure" available on Jamendo!


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2011-07-27 15:20:44

hey could you check the song Bliss for me... be grateful (and elliptical)

morpheghost responds:

Check your inbox. I have sent you a PM with what I thought about your 2 songs. I think I have been grateful ... and elliptical, this time =)